Amr Muneer Dahab

is a Sudanese-born essayist and poet, best known for his critical essays tackling controversial cultural, literary, intellectual, and political issues in the Arab world and worldwide. His over twenty years’ experience as a columnist in opinion journalism, in addition to his academic engineering degree and relevant practical career, allowed his words to be architected in a skillfully depict reality with honesty, objectivity, and creativity.

Personal Life

  • Born in Khartoum, Sudan
  • Received his primary and secondary education in Sudan
  • Moved with his family to Kuwait where he completed high school
  • Joined the Faculty of Engineering/Electrical Engineering Department at Mansoura University in Egypt
  • Had been to many countries, and settled in the United Arab Emirates to work in the field of electrical engineering while writing in the Sudanese newspapers

Amr’s book (about the Sudanese singer and musician Mohammed Wardi) is an enlightened carving in his constant question to explore the Sudanese character.

Dr. Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim
Professor of African and Islamic History, University of Missouri


Amr Muneer Dahab is a distinguished Sudanese writer and thinker. We, at the National Library, are committed to working with him to publish his books as widely as possible.

Dr. NureldinSatti
Ambassador, Secretary General of the Sudanese National Library



Damn The Novel

It is time to extend your reading arena outside the novel and narrative fiction. Life is profound and gorgeous; it deserves to be experienced beyond fantasy!

Damn the Novel is an overt condemnation of all forms of privilege granted to a literary genre over other writing genres. Though Damn the Novel could be perceived as a vociferous cry against the novel per se, it is actually an objective view against the process of perpetuating the delusion that the novel specifically, and narrative fiction in general, should inevitably be the most dominating and influential literary trend.

This book offers an exciting and challenging reading experience, through which the reader will be able to realize that it is time for literature to embrace a fresh literary atmosphere in which all genres are granted equality to get the same chance to flourish in total freedom without any literary sponsorship.

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Appreciation to AmrMuneer Dahab who opened a door of knowledge towards the other. Amr returned me to the discovery of Osama Anwar Okasha (the Egyptian screenwriter).

Dr. Osman Jamaledin
Professor of Theatre, Sudan University of Science and Technology


Amr Dahab, in his controversial new book Damn the Novel, seeks to boost the essay as a literary genre. Amr is definitely an essayist of the first class.

Dr. Mohammed Sabeel
Economist, Journalist, Managing Editor – Emirates Tomorrow Magazine