Amr Muneer Dahab

is a Sudanese essayist and poet, best known for his critical essays tackling controversial cultural, literary, intellectual, and political issues in the Arab world and worldwide. His over twenty years’ experience as a columnist in opinion journalism, in addition to his academic engineering degree and relevant practical career, allowed his words to be architected in a skillfully depict reality with honesty, objectivity, and creativity.

Personal Life

  • Born in Khartoum, Sudan
  • Received his primary and secondary education in Sudan
  • Moved with his family to Kuwait where he completed high school
  • Joined the Faculty of Engineering/Electrical Engineering Department at Mansoura University in Egypt
  • Had been to many countries, and settled in the United Arab Emirates to work in the field of electrical engineering while writing in the Sudanese newspapers

Writing Journey

  • Started writing poetry at high school
  • Kept and developed his poetic experience throughout university study years.
  • Received poetry awards during college years, including the First Level Prize of Poetry at the 14th Youth Cultural and Artistic Meeting of Egyptian Universities in 1989
  • After graduation from University, he opted for the essay as a form of writing with all its literary and journalistic dimensions
  • Worked for many Sudanese newspapers starting from the mid-1990s
  • His first book, on drama criticism, entitled “Between the Average Writer and Osama Anwar Okasha” was published in 2006
  • Has more than twenty books published in Arab publishing houses
  • Damn the Novel” was his first book to be translated in English and published in USA in 2018
  • Many Arab newspapers have been concerned with his works and seminars
  • His lectures received much attention and coverage from the part of the Media
  • Has been received by many radio and television channels to talk about his work and experience as an essayist and writer


عمرو منير دهب

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Amr Muneer Dahab est un ecrivain et poète soudanais, principalement connu pour ses essais critiques sur des questions culturelles, littéraires, intellectuelles et politiques controversées dans le monde arabe et dans le monde.



Amr Muneer Dahab es un ensayista y poeta sudanés, ampliamente conocido por sus ensayos críticos, en los que trata temas controvertidos de carácter cultural, literario, intelectual y político, relacionados tanto con el mundo árabe, como internacional



Amr Muneer Dahab ist ein sudanesischer Essayist und Dichter, bekannt für seine kritischen Essays über kontroverse kulturelle, literarische, intellektuelle und politische Themen in der arabischen Welt und weltweit.



AAmr Muneer Dahab è un saggista e poeta sudanese, noto soprattutto per i suoi saggi critici che affrontano controversie questioni culturali, letterarie, intellettuali e politiche nel mondo arabo e in tutto il mondo.


AMR 简介

苏丹散文家和诗人, 以其评论文章而著称,文章内容涉及阿拉伯世界和全世界有争议的文化、文学、知识和政治等问题。他在新闻评论领域拥有20多年的专栏作家经验