Facing Troublemakers


No book could promise and fulfill the promise of playing the role of a magic wand crowning you with victory in every conflict arena in work or social life. Facing Troublemakers is not a magic wand in turn, but it will undoubtedly provide you with ideas that will inspire you deeply, not only with regard to direct business conflicts but also in dealing with life problems as a whole.

The book contains hundreds of ideas opening your insight to absolutely new horizons, as well as other areas of experience you might probably came across without getting enough inspiration.

Facing Troublemakers will make you able dealing with conflicts your own way, without the need necessarily to exhaust your mind studying dozens of references or joining plenty of training courses on how to manage and resolve conflicts.

Damn The Novel


It is time to extend your reading arena outside the novel and narrative fiction. Life is profound and gorgeous; it deserves to be experienced beyond fantasy!

Damn The Novel is an overt condemnation of all forms of privilege granted to a literary genre over other writing genres. Though Damn The Novel could be perceived as a vociferous cry against the novel per se, it is actually an objective view against the process of perpetuating the delusion that the novel specifically, and narrative fiction in general, should inevitably be the most dominating and influential literary trend.

This book offers an exciting and challenging reading experience, through which the reader will be able to realize that it is time for literature to embrace a fresh literary atmosphere in which all genres are granted equality to get the same chance to flourish in total freedom without any literary sponsorship.



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